Teaches children to LOVE eating a rainbow of fruit and vegetables.


Nim's Fruit (and Veg!) Crisps

Nimisha Raja makes fruit and veg crisps. But they have no nasties in them- just air baked fruit and veg! She has developed her multi award winning snack since 2011, and believes as we do, that children (and adults!) should be snacking on real, unprocesed food. Nim's crisps are crunchy, nutritious and the Rainbow Fairy is lucky to be able to give them out at events and workshops, as an alternative to fresh produce. Particularly successful for those children who have texture issues, and hate getting messy hands eating fresh fruit. The veg crisps are about to be widely launched, but you can purchase them here in the meantime (www.boroughbox.com). I knew Nimisha and I would become close allies- she is passionate about what she makes because she is a mum too. And she cares about others. I can spot those people a mile off ;)


RED Communications

RED Communications is a UK based Integrated Marketing & Public Relations agency specialising in fresh food and drink. They design and manage campaigns for own-label and branded products in fresh produce, including Peruvian avocados and Spanish persimon. I Know Why It’s Yum, Mum! has partnered with RED to create awareness, amongst children and parents, around the many benefits gained from such fruits. Together, we look at focussing on health and nutrition, taste and colour to educate children in an entertaining and memorable way. RED support us by running competitions open to schools and nurseries to win free Rainbow Workshops, and sponsoring our events and workshops. We love working with companies as passionate about fresh fruit and veg as us, and RED fits the bill!

Here are a few pictures of recent workshops for RED (Jan 2016), introducing children to the amazing persimon fruit..



Food Academy UK

In April 2015, we were delighted to be invited to work with this entrepreneurial and highly successful organisation that aims to make fresh food fun through cooking workshops and events with educational, social and corporate bodies, and which delivered the first ever Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food in London- Ministry of Food in Stratford. Our aims are closely aligned, and our social mission unites us.

We have become part of their delivery team and will provide information about our partnership here, in due course. Here I am helping them to convince kids in Newham to love healthy eating- at the Mayor's Show in July 2015.



APPY Food and Drinks

Award winning APPY makes diluted drinks for children with 100% natural ingredients, and no added sugar. APPY sponsors events that help get children closer to the food they grow. We are very pleased to be working with them to promote real food to children as part of their APPY GREEN PROJECT.

You can see what we got up to on the Allotment visits in Spring (Red Nose Day event!) and Summer this year on APPY's website !


Harrison Catering Services

Part of maximising our impact is using the school lunch period to reinforce what we have told the children during the show and workshops. We want to encourage them to choose healthy options in the dinner queue, to chose the colourful vegetables on offer, and to top up on their 5 a day through the salad bar or fruit available. We always try to have lunch with the pupils, we sit amongst them, eating the same meals as they are eating, and talking about what is on their plates, or in their pack lunches.

We have witnessed first hand how children respond to positive role models. Where the professional actors are serving food, or eating in the school hall, children constantly demonstrate what healthy items they are eating, and express their pride in having had green beans, or broccoli, or avocado for the first time. They high 5 the team, and are excited to have our company at their dinner tables. We respond, encourage, congratulate and admire their efforts!

Having witnessed this unique opportunity to influence eating decisions first hand, and knowing that even the best pack lunch is less nutritional than a school lunch,  I Know Why It's Yum, Mum! has sought to partner with a school catering company since inception.

I was delighted when Harrison Catering Services, having witnessed and been impressed with what we do, agreed to support us, in every school in London we visit where they do the catering. Harrison are doing this by:
-tailoring the menu on the show day, to include all the items that the children have learnt about during the show (12 different fruit, veg, cereals and seeds and their nutritional benefits)
-displaying items and information in the hall, where the children are queuing
-preparing a mild guacamole (an avocado dip) for the Rainbow Fairy to offer each child a taster of (which 90% of children will try, when offered it in the right way, having watched the show!)
-opening up the lunch to pack lunch pupils and parents on show day

Harrison are doing all of the above at no extra cost to schools, and we are grateful for their continued effort to support what we do, and their commitment to improving children's nutrition. Click on their name to found out more.