Teaches children to LOVE eating a rainbow of fruit and vegetables.

Brand Ambassadors


The trouble with creating a social enterprise, is that so many people give their time and support freely (or very cheaply) that you are constantly thanking everyone for everything, and feeling humbled at the generosity of human nature. But the individuals below have gone beyond the call of duty, often taking a leap of faith, using up precious personal and professional resources to promote and raise awareness of our mission. We are truly grateful to them for agreeing to become Brand Ambassadors for I Know Why It's Yum, Mum! and we will continue to work tirelessly, through our Brand Ambassadors, to get children to LOVE fruit and veg, because they understand WHY it is so good for them. It really is as simple as that.
None of our Brand Ambassadors receive personal benefit from being associated with our enterprise- only personal satisfaction, I hope!

Paul Merrett, Chef

Having started his foray into the world of food at the Guildford Technical College, where his formal cookery training began, Paul has earned his stripes in the restaurant business over the years - working at highly respected establishments such as The Ritz Hotel in Piccadilly, Le Soufflé, where he worked under Peter Kromberg, and The Greenhouse Restaurant, alongside acclaimed chef Gary Rhodes.

His career has seen him earn Michelin stars for his cooking at both L’Interlude and The Greenhouse, and he is no stranger to our TV screens, with appearances on such programmes as The Best, Ever Wondered about Food and Economy Gastronomy, a prime time show featured on BBC2. Paul is now Chef/Proprietor of The Victoria Public House, Dining Room and Hotel in London’s East Sheen and manages to find time amongst his busy schedule to share his passion for food ethics. He is a spokesman for Compassion in World Farming, the RSPCAs Freedom Food campaign and an avid supporter of the charity School Food Matters.

“Good food is so important in a child’s life – the health benefits are obvious and the social aspects of enjoying good food are a vital part of our family relationships. I love the enthusiasm I Know Why It's Yum, Mum! have for great tasting and healthy food and have seen first hand how inspiring their show and workshops can be for children.”

You can read about Paul's support for good causes (like ours) here.

Richard Piper, Journalist

Richard Piper is a journalist, bon viveur and lover of all things food and drink. He has worked in and around food and drink for a number of years and considers himself lucky to be able to combine work with pleasure on a daily basis. "I was delighted to discover I Know Why It's Yum, Mum! as I firmly believe that the nation's children should learn about the benefits of a balanced and varied diet from an early age. Natasha and her team are doing a fantastic job in spreading the word about the amazing benefits of fruit and veg to kids in a fun and engaging way. I am really excited to be involved, and am looking forward to helping Natasha to achieve a wider impact." It is Richard's belief that the government should make food and nutritional education a compulsory part of the national curriculum. (Personally, I think they should make a visit from us compulsory!)

A former features editor for Pub & Bar Magazine, Richard set up Meticulous Media in April 2012 and now works on a contract basis for publications such as Educatering, Out of Home and Foodservice Monthly, amonst others. He also has a blog which charts his travels around the industry, as well as providing an outlet for his many ramblings and opinions, occasionally about us!

Tommy Leighton, Communications Consultant

Tommy Leighton is a strategic communications consultant who works in a number of fields that are touched by the work of I Know Why It’s Yum, Mum! and the Rainbow Fairy. For 10 years, he was the editor of Fresh Produce Journal, the UK’s leading weekly trade magazine for the fruit and vegetable industry. Since leaving FPJ five years ago,Tommy has established his own company, which specialises in copywriting, PR and marketing for a range of clients across the fresh produce, education, play and childcare sectors, and is also editor of two magazines – Indoor Play and Home Childcarer.

“I first met Natasha two years ago and it was one of those moments for a journalist when you wonder a) why no-one else had taken up her particular challenge before and b) why it can be so difficult to convince people of the merits of working with such a wholehearted person to spread messages and ideals that can only be good for the future of our children. I hope that by becoming an ambassador for Natasha’s fantastic brand, I can be of some help towards fulfilling her desire to sprinkle her fairy dust further and wider, and get more children loving, and eating, fruit and veg.”