Teaches children to LOVE eating a rainbow of fruit and vegetables.

International Tours

Marbella Tour (Spain) February 2018

"A fantastic, interactive and engaging production which entertained and informed our children from two to twelve years old. Followed up with the age-specific workshops for more hands-on fun learning!' Brendon Herron, Deputy Headteacher, The British International School of Marbella

"We thought Yum Mum was a great experience for the children at Patatina Banus. The children were really attentive towards the show and they learnt so much about fruits and vegetables. They also got to taste them! I would definitely recommend them to any other school who want to open children's minds towards new food." Keiko Kubo, Patatina Banus Nursery School


Paris Tour (France) March 2016

Our third tour was a wonderful experience..lovely schools and contacts which makes doing what you love so easy. We toured for a week, visiting three international schools (including two of the biggest) and one nursery school. Here are a few of the feedback comments we received.

"Who knew that learning about fruit and veg could be so fun? Your energetic performance was enjoyed by all of the children who watched with great interest and enthusiasm!" Lisa Walters, Institut Notre Dame

"A wonderful day for our students at Marymount Paris. We eagerly awaited the arrival of the Rainbow fairy and Dr Freg and we were not disappointed.The children were captivated from start to finish, eating fruit and veg has now become fun. As school nurse, I am well aware of how important healthy eating is and communicating this in a fun, but this educational way has given me fresh ideas and food for thought! Thank you to the team." Penny Storr-Dauba, Marymount School

Sorry I was busy when you left, I just wanted to say thanks very much for today, the children really enjoyed it and I'm sure it was very beneficial too! Please let me know if you are ever in Paris again, I would be delighted to repeat the experience!" Ruth Dury, School Time nursery school

"Many, many thanks for two super workshops and an outstanding show." Karen Tuckwell, Head of Junior School, The British School

"It was a wonderful day all round when 
I know it's yum mum
 came to spend the day with us ​at 
he British School of Paris. The day started with the Rainbow Fairy workshops; our 
ursery and 
eception children were mesmerised and some ate vegetables they had never tasted before, s
​o much so​
 were they under the magic of the team. The show 
Dr Freg and the Fruit
 had the whole school buzzing with songs and animation but clearly the really important messages of the day about the absolute importance of fruit and vegetables, were ever present. Both the workshops and the show were masterful in their ability to make the whole subject fun but
 at the same time
 the children
​ (and some staff!)​
 left the day  with a new view on how to make healthy eating just simply a way of life." Helen Harding, The British School

Madrid Tour (Spain) May 2015

We had a fantastic tour in May 2015, visiting British Schools, and schools where English was spoken during half the school day or for certain lessons (such as science and English lessons). We toured for a week, delivering the show and workshops in several schools (mixed and single sex girls) and five Rainbow Workshops in The British School too.

Feedback from Sita Revenga, the English teacher at the Scandinavian School, Madrid:

"Thank you so very much for a funny, entertaining and educational show! Our pupils paid so much attention during the show and they were very eager to participate. We teachers had great fun too! We have all learnt many nutritional facts through your visit, things WE as adults didn't even know! The Top Trumps cards were great fun, very educational and the different classes kept using them weeks after your visit. It is amazing how motivating you were. Even my own child packed her snacks for school the day after according to your fruit & veg advice!!
Our youngest pupils also really enjoyed the magic of the Rainbow Workshop. Well done and congratulations to the show and workshop team for excellent work and such a professional approach. We will definitely contact you again!!"
Feedback from Janice Kelly, Head of Early Years at The British School, Madrid:
"We got great feedback from the early years teachers who attended the Rainbow Workshops! Thank you so much for coming all this way. It's hard for us to get good English theatre companies to visit us in Early Years!"

Warsaw Tour (Poland) April 2014

We were invited by English speaking nurseries to deliver our Rainbow Workshops (such as Maple Tree Montessori) , and by two primary schools (One Polish speaking and the British School) to deliver our show and workshops.

At the Polish School, the children were a little older (7-13 yrs) than our usual (3-11 yrs) target audience, but they laughed as hard, and understood most of the terminology and language used during the show and workshops. In fact, Luiza Zminkowska, founder of a school of English for children in Krakow, Clever Owl, said that after seeing the show, she felt it could go into any school, as part of the English language teaching curriculum too.
Feedback from Colter Watt, Head of Primary, The British School, Warsaw.

'Dr FREG and the FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MYSTERIES’ was an inspiring performance that encouraged our students to reflect on the foods that they eat. They left the show with a much better understanding of the nutritional benefit of healthy eating. I Know Why It’s Yum, Mum! is an enthusiastic and inspirational company that is getting children to eat more fruit and vegetables by choice. We were delighted with the performance. We wish you all the best in the future! It is an important message that you are spreading.

Feedback from Krzysztof Holodynski, English teacher at a Polish Primary School (NSP81), Warsaw.

We would like to thank you very much for the time we spent together in our school during your performance and workshops which were a valuable source of information on the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables. Our pupils really enjoyed the whole experience and  they have very fond memories of you too. I hope we will have the chance to meet in the near future. Your show, quite simply, was the best theatrical performance for children we have ever seen.

Some pictures of our first four tours- Warsaw, Madrid, Paris and Marbella which included visits to:

The British School of Warsaw (Nord Anglia)
Polish Private Primary School NSP18
Maple Tree Montessori Preschool
Colegio Base
Kings College (The British School of Madrid)
The Scandinavian School in Madrid
Everest School
Institut Notre-Dame
Marymount International School
School Time Nursery
The British School of Paris
The British International School of Marbella
Patatina Banus